Our Minecraft server is a SAFEPLACE. PG-13

Here is what you need to know.


  1. NO HACKING = All hack clients, Usage of exploits, advertising of hack clients, or otherwise is not allowed. Any hacking or association with people hacking will get the Banhammer!! If you report/prove someone is hacking you will be safe.

  2. NO Griefing = (FOR NOW) , Please avoid grieving and be friendly to players.

  3. PG13 = If you want to talk about the birds and the bee's please do it in Direct Messages. Same go's for other hotbutton Topics, Race,Politics. If you offend someone please stop the conversation. people have differing views.

  4. PVE = We Play against Mobs , PVP is allowed but only friendly PVP/Duals . dont take ppls stuff.

  5. RESPECT = Talking Down to someone or making them feel bad is unexceptionable IF you want to be dramatic do it in Direct Messages only.

  6. Crimewatch = You have the tools to do your own detective work, Use them and report any issues and players that are exploiting as well as server issues and things you want changed.

  7. Responsible = lock your stuff, Play with smarts , follow the rules, if you die and loose ur stuff then remember its what mine-craft is. We have creative worlds if you dont want to play survival.

  8. DISCORD = You Must be on our discord ( Shadowfoot.net ) its the primary way to report issues and communicate. Also all of the discord rules apply (in addition) in Minecraft.

  9. BUILDING CODE = Just like IRL. there is a standard of building. Please keep the server clean from 1x1 spires, and fix and repair broken/damaged things. everyone will help you build if you want. Creating Beautiful architecture is a Learnable skill. ASK for help if you want it.

  10. BE THE CHANGE = If you want something in the server, be active and be constructive, talk to admins and run Polls on what you want. This is a Community driven server. we are all here to make the server what everyone wants it to be. With this being said, We need to work together to Get the things we want. There is always a Project or build that Admins need help with. Please offer to be he change

Other info

PVE (duals allowed) , Econ , Mobhunting.

We offer creative worlds , Adventure / Puzzle elements and more.

This server is community driven. and we are all social on Discord.

Join = MC.Shadowfoot.net

Please Join our Discord servers as well as they will be required for Future use and safety.

Shadowfoot's Discord

We have live maps, but having some issues Imbedding so . . .


Technical Info

Plugins and its use

  • BagOfGold = Primary Money transfer system in the game Useful for Mob drops and on person cash

  • Chest Shop = For player to player sells and trades using chest shops in the game

  • Core Protect =

  • Dynmap = Live maps of players via web page ( mc.shadowfoot.net:8123 )

  • Essentials X = Primary Economy system in the game. Used for Banks and shops

  • Essentials Chat

  • Essentials Spawn

  • Infernal Mobs = Provides extra strong rare mobs with great loot

  • Jobs = Job Plugin for leveling up players in game

  • LockettPro = Place a sign on a door / chest / item to lock it to the player

  • Luckyperms = Permissions plugins that allow Groups and Permissions per world and person

  • Mob-hunting = Money drops from mobs and Hunting Tasks

  • Multiverse-core = Manage Multiple worlds with PER world rules and settings

  • Multiverse Inv = Per world Inventory

  • Multiverse Portals= Gateways between Multiple Universes

  • Skquery = Query and logging plugin

  • Skript = Custom Script injection plugin

  • Vault = Required for Multiple Econ system to work together

  • VoidGenerator = Word generation tool

  • World Edit = Useful tool for Editing / crafting & building

  • World Guard = Admin use for moving/repairing transferring build between worlds